Why IDT?

Inspection and Detection Technologies (PTY) LTD (IDT) was formed to mainly distribute and maintain screening technology throughout Africa. IDT aims to provide leading technology services and solutions of a superior quality. We have dynamic expertise that reflects our optimism for the present and the future of South Africa and the rest of the Africa region. IDT is a distributor of industry-leading products:

  • Analyzed Images Ltd UK (AI) baggage, mail, cabinet and industrial NDT X-Ray systems.
  • Integrated management systems.
  • Management solutions.
  • Hospital equipment and forensic scanners.

Focus on Southern Africa…and international relationships

We are Africa-focused, we’re able to deliver value-added solutions for our customers in Africa and value-added services for our international partners.

Local ownership

Because we’re South African-owned and can deliver world-class solutions locally.  We’re proud of our African heritage, local expertise and substantial experience of delivering world-class homeland security solutions across Southern Africa.

Representative management

Our ownership and management reflects our regional expertise and our local communities.  We’re proud that our ownership and management is gender-representative of humanity.  We want to enrich our people, our local communities… and the homeland security of our region.

Strong international relationships

We have a strong network of relationships with world-leading manufacturers in Europe, the Americas and Asia.  We deliver solutions that blend international best-practice and local expertise and resources.

Product portfolio with substantial breadth and depth

We have a portfolio of world-class products and partner networks that deliver solutions for our customers.

Because we’re a pleasure to work with

We understand the importance of relationships in improving outcomes for everyone that we deal with.

Delivering value

Because we deliver value to our clients, suppliers, employees and the community in which we operate.