IDT takes pride in delivering efficient screening and detection solutions based on our understanding of our customers’ requirements.

We provide our solutions by blending our expertise with the world-class technologies and expertise of our international partners to the world-class technologies from our international partners with technologies developed and manufactured in Europe, the Americas and in South Africa.

We provide support for the lifecycle of our solutions including design, development, installation, maintenance and upgrades where appropriate.



·       Belted X-ray systems ·       Ports & border screening
·       Compact cabinet X-ray systems ·       Vehicle screening
·       Gantry X-ray systems ·       Baggage and mail screening
·       Asset tracking systems ·       Air cargo screening
·       Equipment management systems ·       People screening
·       Portable X-ray systems ·       Industrial non-destructive testing
·       Body cameras ·       Explosives detection
·       Forensic X-ray systems