Asset tracking systems


our business

  • Delivering RFID systems and solutions for over 15-years.
  • Largest integrator of RFID systems in the world
  • 3,500 unique implementations across a range of industry sectors.
  • 220-staff members,10-direct sales offices and 19-distribution channels

RFID is our business

  • Systems are now commonplace in Libraries, Retail, Supply Chains Manufacturing and Asset Traceability sectors
  • Supply over 10m RFID tags per annum to a range of industries

worldwide support

  • 10-direct owned offices in each continent
  • Comprehensive multilingual support platform,
  • Expertise is divided by territory to guarantee a local response.

skilled personnel

  • UK centric R&D & project management teams
  • Bibliotheca personnel are carefully selected to ensure their values and abilities are aligned with our customers and accounts.
  • Every member of our team is professionally trained and qualified to undertake the role they occupy backed by our ISO9000 quality procedures.

Document Management


  • Documents removed without booking out (no accountability)
  • Document not returned (deliberately/accidentally) to the right location
  • Document returned to the incorrect location
  • Delays finding document results in lack of system confidence
  • Little/no granular detail of document history
  • Secondary file created in absence of the lost document
  • Multi-part files become separated


  • RFID delivers a real-time location based service
  • Ability to track user and document
  • Assigns responsibility for the document
  • Enables security for sensitive material
  • Provides document lifecycle & full audit inventory
  • Reduction/removal of search activity


  • Bibliotheca selected to track and trace evidence for Orchid Cellmark…
  • High value medical equipment, asset managed by Bibliotheca’s smarttrack™
  • MOD, turns to Bibliotheca to track assets by RFID
  • Spire Healthcare give green light to Bibliotheca to RFID trace patient notes
  • Bibliotheca to manage Tulloch Law’s documents


smartlabellong range UHF RFID inlay

  • Self-adhesive – attaches to any document
  • Embedded unique ID associated with document
  • Anti-collision – enables multiple reads
  • Low cost
  • Fully encapsulated and branded

smartpadtag association & transfer

  • Instantly reads any document placed on pad
  • Associates user and document
  • Assigns and transfers documents to owner
  • Low cost – scalable solution
  • Power over Ethernet enabled

smartwaydoorway/corridor reader

  • Instantly reads any document in vicinity
  • Can cover entry, exit, pinch points
  • Can be connected to external devices
  • Discrete aesthetic integrated into doorways
  • Power over Ethernet enabled

smartstockmobile RFID readers

  • Instantly reads any document long/close range
  • Ideal for search & inventory
  • Download search lists from smarttrack™
  • Identifies mis shelved items
  • Reports on identified items and location

smarttrack™ on-line s/w application

  • View the life cycle of any document with full audit capability
  • Allow management of documents at individual level or in collections in files or in boxes
  • Manage users, permissions & locations
  • Search for tracked documents based on various criteria
  • Run administration reporting on documents & individual ownership
  • View or add notes – smarttrack™ will even generate notes when a document moves location or changes owner.