Equipment management platforms

We focus on tracking and managing DATA across your organization. Our Chase ERP Suite provides a set of Operations Efficiency Management Tools specifically aimed at mitigating risk. We focus in the areas of Security, Maintenance and Health and Safety (Or Operations Management) underpinned by PEOPLE, PROCESS, & TECHNOLOGY.

Sukema Product Suite - The Total Solution

Our objective is to provide you with a set of comprehensive risk management systems that operate from the ground up! In practice we manage “People, Process, Technology” in reverse by tapping into your existing technology sub-systems, process your valuable data and provide it to people in the most meaningful way.

All the Chase tools are strategically linked and aligned.  They each form an integral part of a tool set that supports your company from posting a job and recruiting excellent people, through to operations data management, to sub-systems integration, to business intelligence and reporting!

We maximize your business profitability in three key areas …

  • Accountability – Track and manage task activities, events and incidents across your organisation
  • Compliance – We help you to avoid large unnecessary penalties and fines, or threats!
  • Business Intelligence – We transform your data into money by highlighting where your risks lie and where to save!

We maximize your business intelligence by …

  • Identifying risks and revealing trends
  • Reducing incidents, cut costs, lower risk
  • Increasing productivity, health, safety and security

Chase Integration (We pull data from ISMS, Milestone, Avigilon, and many more sub-systems)

Our integration layer or API enables us to push and pull data from various sub-systems such as:

  • CCTV
  • Access Control
  • Alarms
  • Electric Fencing
  • Electronic Doors
  • Guard Monitoring
  • Intercoms
  • Fire Detection
  • Air conditioning
  • Other Devices …

ISMS is currently being used in Prison Systems throughout South Africa.